Open Source Innovation Center

Tools: HTML + CSS + PHP + MySQL

Role: Full-Stack Developer

The Open Source Innovation Center, commonly known as OSIC, is a developing non-profit organization that is passionately dedicated to the development of innovative software solutions for the visually impaired community as their main focus (at least for now).

OSIC Goals and Conditions

For this project we were recommended to follow the W3C accessibility guidelines for people with low vision.

I also had to be extremely mindful of the semantic structure of the webpage since screen readers rely heavily on it. The semantic structure ensures that content is properly organized and presented in a logical and meaningful way, allowing screen readers to accurately interpret and relay the information to visually impaired users. 

It was recommended to avoid using JavaScript unless completely neccesary.

Developing Process


Sign Up

This website’s registration was developed using PHP and MySQL to store user information.

The user would fill in their details and upon successful password confirmation, their registration would be complete. To ensure confidentiality, their password was hashed.


The user can securely log in to the page using their credentials and access a personalized dashboard with their name displayed on it. From this dashboard, they could see their profile, vote in some polls, and interact with some other features of the website.

Other features


I found that Google Calendars was the most appropriate choice based for the calendar according to the documentation available.

It’s not only user-friendly but also compatible with screen readers, making it easy for all users to navigate and access the necessary information.


To provide a seamless and intuitive user experience, the navigation bar of the website was designed to dynamically change once the user logs in. The new navigation bar shows personalized options for the logged-in user, including the ability to return to the dashboard and log out of the account.